About our brand:

Here at I AM ME, we believe that clothing is a form of self-expression for who you are and how you want to feel on any particular day. We provide an ever-changing selection of clothing in various styles so that you can express yourself in the best way that fits you and your personality. 

If I am me was a person, who would she be?

She would be an outspoken, bold, free spirit. She would be laid back, yet focused. Her family would be her life. She would love fashion but have her own laid back style and not be concerned with always being put together. She would probably also love cats……That’s who i AM me is, because i AM me is all of us. 

 A little bit about the owner of the store...

“i AM a working farmer’s wife and a mom of five who is always on the go. I aspire to be a role model for my children and to teach them the value of a strong work ethic. I value my time with my family and enjoy going on date nights with my husband. I opened i AM me in October of 2017 to serve the community in the way of fashion.
My fashion style: I like to wear more trendy and comfortable clothes. 
This is who I am. i AM Amanda. i AM me.”


617 W. 2nd Street, Hastings, NE 68901

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